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Nesting Bundle


Onesie Size:
  • 0-3M
  • 3-6M
  • 6-12
  • 12-18
Infant Hat Size:
  • New Born
  • XS-S
  • M-L
  • Some Bunny Loves You
  • Unprinted

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Our Signature Nesting Bundle™ gift sets are a "complete Bundle of awesomeness" as our customers describe them!

This is our premium Grande Nesting Bundle™ Venetian Decor OHBABY wanted something extra special to present for this magical time in a parents life. It doesn't matter how many baby's you are blessed with or how ! This little bundle has arrived and what better way to welcome this beautiful little infant. Exploring this love and bonding time, as these special moments today will be cherished memories for a lifetime. So we present you with our Signature Grande Nesting Bundle™ it contains our entire signature collection. 

Nestled inside our beautiful packaged Grande Nesting Bundle™ you will find a luxurious organic bamboo cotton french terry onesie with a matching knotted baby hat. We say our fabric caresses your baby from the inside out!

Our luxurious bamboo cotton washcloths generous in size, made of our caressing quality bamboo jersey fabric. Meticulously edged with bias tape made of organic cotton and linen fabric. The delicate touch and feel is perfect against baby's tender skin, these are gently tied with a pure silk ribbons.

Caressing Baby's delicate skin is important to us so adding our Diminutive "Nesting Bundle"™ with our handmade organic Robins egg soaps.These soaps are petite in size but are perfect for bathtime easy too hold less stress and more bath time bonding.

Our signature Baby Powder Shaker's was a requirement, our powder "Caresses the chubby rolls, creases and dimples of baby's delicate skin".© We have our newborn blend that is fragrance free or choose our lovely "Baby's Breath Whispers"™ scent. Made of Natural and organic ingredients, organic infused oils and a blend of dried botanicals.

Our elegant "Baby’s Breath Whispers"™ Signature Candle will leave your space with a comforting scent with mixture of Geranium, Rosewood, Coriander, Palmarosa, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Lemon, Jasmine, Rose, Calendula and a hint of Sweet Orange.

All of the items are exquisitely presented in our signature tin packaging, we gently place our heirloom inspired collection in the centre of the Nesting Bundle™ with some crinkled recycled brown craft paper. We have also included our handed painted can opener to streamline the gift giving process.

The final little detail for you is inside the lid of our Bundles where you will find a To ~ and From ~ gift note so there is no need to purchase a card and the receiver will be reminded of who gave this most thoughtful and precious gift.

We have thought of all the details so you can just "Feather Your Baby's Nest"™

We also offer shipping your Grande Nesting Bundle directly to the recipient. This would be a perfect gift to receive at the hospital upon release of returning home to starting the next chapter of their lives. 

  • 1 Organic bamboo and cotton french terry onesie
  • 1 Deminutive Nesting Bundle™ Organic Robin Egg Soaps
  • 1 Organic Baby Powder Shaker  
  • 4 Organic wash cloths - 10" x 10" 2 layers of fabric bias made of organic cotton and linen. unprinted
  • 1 Organic  bamboo and cotton  french terry Baby Knotted Hat  
  • 1  Diminutive Nesting Bundle™ Soy "Baby’s Breath Whispers"™ Candle
  • We Wrap all of our Nesting Bundles prior to shipping with recycled craft coloured tissue paper and secured with our signature logo sticker. To protect our product labels.
  • Exquisitely presented in our signature tin
  • To ~and From ~ Gift Note is included  so your not required to purchase a card 
  • Our hand painted can opener 
  • Garments are made with Love in Vancouver B.C Canada 
  • Proudly Made in Canada🇨🇦

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