Caressing Your Baby's Delicate Skin

Mar 29 2017

Caressing your baby's delicate skin is very important to us. Custom making our organic vegan soaps by hand in our boutique work studio in small batches felt like a perfect decision.

How many times have you juggled trying to hold your new born baby in one hand. With a large bar of baby soap or better yet trying to pump or squeeze liquid baby wash? It's hard enough to feel confident bringing your new born home from the hospital. So making you both relaxed, comfortable and happy is a winning scenario.

Caress the soap in the palm of your hand and your good to go! They have a lovely creamy lather that your sure to love. They are perfect for delicate new born skin.

Happy Bathing!

Hand made with Love in Pemberton B.C
Contains: Organic coconut oil, Organic Palm oil, oat protein and 20% vegetable glycerin. Fragrance and dye free.



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